Preserve Hilandar

Procurement of special equipment for the protection of items in the Treasury of the Hilandar Monastery


The Hilandar Monastery is one of the richest treasures of medieval heritage, where priceless objects are stored. Icons, charters, manuscript books, ethnographic and ecclesiastical objects, and other artifacts are subject to the aggressive influence of insects, colonies of fungi, and bacteria over time.

In order to protect valuable artifacts made of wood, stone, cloth, paper, parchment, and leather, the following equipment should be obtained:

  • Protection through “anoction” (treatment of the atmosphere with a low concentration of oxygen) – Device VELOXY
  • Treatment with UV rays – Device ABIOS
  • Device for detection of contamination in Treasury depots AIR-sampler System MAS-100 NT

Total needed to raise: $30,000

Deadline: December 2023