Preserve Hilandar

The feast of Saint Sava celebrated at the Holy Monastery of Hilandar


At the holy Monastery of Hilandar, the ceremony of the ktetorial Slava, that of Saint Sava, the first Archbishop of the Serbian Church, was organized, and solemnly celebrated today.

The central guest figure was the abbot of the Holy Monastery of Gregoriou Monastery, the Venerable Archimandrite Hristofor, who presided over the festive service, the all-night vigil, and the Holy Liturgy.

The beauty of the Divine Office was enhanced by the chanters from the Grigoriatou Monastery, who chanted on the right chanters’ desk, as well as the chanting of the Hilandar monks on the left. The ktetorial Slavas of the Grigoriatou and Hilandar Monasteries have been celebrated together for some time now. This practice was established by the late abbot Georgije (Kapsanis), who maintained very close relations with the brotherhood of the Hilandar Monastery. On the day of the Venerable Grigorije Gornjacki, the patron of the Grigoriatou Monastery, the abbot of Hilandar visits this Athonite sanctuary, while the Grigoriatou abbot returns the visit on the day of Saint Sava of Serbia.