Preserve Hilandar

Abbot Metodije Awarded Hilandar Scholarships and Pensions


On September 19, 2023, the Very Reverend Archimandrite Metodije, the Abbot of the Holy Hilandar Monastery, received the scholarship recipients of the Hilandar Monastery and mothers from Kosovo and Metohija, whose family members were victims of brutal crimes committed by members of the KLA, at the Foundation of the Holy Monastery Hilandar in Belgrade.

To support further education, the Hilandar Brotherhood continued to provide scholarships to Pavlina Radovanovich, a gifted artist from Orahovac, Biljana Chekich, who brought the movie character of little Dara from Jasenovac to life, and Bogdan Ivanovich, the son of the late Oliver Ivanović. Starting from this year, a scholarship is also granted to Masha Pavkovich, a humanitarian.

On this occasion, Pavlina Radovanovich emotionally sang several songs from Kosovo and Metohija to the Abbot and those present at the Hilandar Foundation.

The decision of the monastery is to provide these talented children with scholarships until the completion of their education.                      

Hilandar will continue to care for the mothers of victims in Kosovo and Metohija. Petra Kostich, whose fourteen family members were killed, and the family of the late Slobodanka Krstich, whose two sons and nephew were killed on the same day, received financial aid from Abbot Metodije.