Preserve Hilandar

The National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska Adopts The Law on Hilandar Monastery


The National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska adopted the “Law on the Preservation of the Cultural and Historical Heritage of the Holy Monastery of Hilandar” in Banja Luka today.  

The aim of this document, adopted upon the proposal of the President of the Republic Milorad Dodik (link), is to fulfill all legal and formal prerequisites for permanent institutional support from the Republic of Srpska to this sanctuary. Before the discussion, the advisor to the President of the Republic of Srpska, Marko Romić, explained the aim of this document to the National Assembly, stating that its adoption would open the possibility to ensure permanent, secure and stable financial support through the budgetary funds of the Republic of Srpska.

Explaining the purpose of this document, he stated that the Republic of Srpska, through its competent authorities, would participate in the organization of celebrations and significant dates, as well as perform other tasks important for preserving the tradition and culture of the historical heritage of Hilandar Monastery. 

“In accordance with the proposed law, methods of support and assistance for the preservation of the cultural and historical heritage of Hilandar that the Republic of Srpska will provide through its authorities, are regulated, including regular communication with the Holy Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church” Mr Romić stated. 

With regard to that aspect, a number of activities and programs for the preservation and maintenance of historical, religious, and cultural traditions shall be performed, including monitoring, research, presentation, and interpretation of movable and immovable cultural-historical heritage within the complex of Hilandar Monastery. 

In the explanation, it was stated that the work on this heritage, including renovations, reconstructions, and other measures to protect the existing facilities, as well as the construction of new monastery buildings, restoration, and similar activities, shall all be monitored. 

In the document, it is emphasized that the funds for the activities proposed by the law shall be provided from the national budget sources. As for the implementation of projects for the preservation of the cultural and historical heritage of the Hilandar Monastery, it is possible to raise funds from the budget of local self-government units, through donations and other sources, in accordance with the law.